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Customer Reviews

Truly Nolen

We have been working with DAS for many years. They handle our directory purchases, web site development and maintenance, SEM, most of our art needs, among other things. I work with the same group of individuals year after year (instead of a new batch every season), making it easy to get work done and allowing for the sense of team to develop (and all the benefits associated with that).

— Michelle Senner
Marketing Director

Edwin Watts Golf

We are getting great feedback from our customers, and our vendors on our website's fresh look and feel which has dramatically improved the user experience. DAS Group did a fantastic job creating a keen concept that matched our brand as well as helped elevate our e-commerce platform. This translates into being more competitive, having better positioning in the marketplace, which has increased our yearly revenue. We have been pleased with DAS's ability to meet our needs and consistently deliver superior quality, well-executed detailed designs on time and on budget.

— Robb McCarter
Director of E-Commerce

Hulett Pest Control

DAS Group did a terrific job with our mobile website! The design was consistent with our marketing across various mediums, and since we tracked its performance from the beginning...we can tell you that it had an immediate impact on our call volume. We also received very good feedback from our customers and potential customers, which ultimately was the most important. In any business communication is key, so a mobile website these days is a must!

— Randy Hulett
Marketing Manager